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Blu! Bullistik Celeste Sunrise


meet littermate sister to Rockstar! and Sunset.  Another of our red hot Nero kids that carries that wonderful BLUE gene!


Like her brother and sister, Sunrise has inherited the best that her parents had to offer regarding temperament and conformation.


Sunrise  has that glorious deep, wide, flat muzzle with incredible upswept jaw.  Well defined stop, wrinkle over nose, and below eyes.  Fabulous dark, round eyes, and perfect bat-ears.


Her front is deep and wide, with straight legs and nice tight feet.  Topline, tailset, and rear are picture perfect.


Although physical attributes are of key importance in a breeding program, personality does not take a back seat.  Sunrise, like her siblings, is the epitome of true companion when it comes to temperament.  She is sweet, docile, well mannered and loves humans and canines alike.