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Why Frenchies?

How did our Frenchie obsession begin?

My husband, Dave, and I met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1983 while he was there on business.  As cliche as it may be, for Dave and I, it was love at first sight and by December of 1984 he had convinced me to move to Dallas, Texas, the place that he called home.

We arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas eve, 1984, in the midst of a Texas ice storm.  Having spent 16 years of my life in warm and sunny South Florida, I was more than a little doubtful about making this new frozen tundra my forever home.  But, I promised Dave I’d give it a chance, and I kept my word.  It’s now 2012, and for all the crazy weather we endure at any given moment, there is no place like Texas, and it will always be our home.

Frasier & Trudy

We purchased our first dog, the boxer Frasier, about a year after we married and that was the beginning of what turned out to be an affinity for everything canine, but particularly anything molosser, big or small.

We both had dogs (heinz 57) as kids growing up but neither of us had owned a dog as adults until Frasier, and he was the first purebred AKC registered dog either of us had ever purchased.  Shortly after Frasier joined us, we bought two English Bulldogs to show and breed.

Well, those two girls, Mercedes and Licorice were responsible for getting us into the show ring and our first AKC specialty club.  However, breeding Bulldogs turned out to be more heartache than joy, so we decided that although we loved the bulldog breed, we needed to find a breed that was considerably more healthy, had less reproductive issues, but was still ‘bully’ in structure.

Leaving a dog show in 1990, I spotted an odd looking , almost black, smallish bulldog with funny shaped erect ears in one of the show rings.  I just had to find out what that dog was, so I waited for the owner to exit the show ring and introduced myself to him. He, Al Hendrix, and I talked at length about his darling little dog that turned out to be a brindle French Bulldog.

When I got home from the show, I told Dave, ‘I’ve found the perfect breed for us!’  It took me months to locate French Bulldog breeders (no internet in those days) and what seemed an eternity to find ones that had Frenchies available, but eventually we brought home our brindle boy, Chevalier, and our cream girl, Boutique.

Needless to say, those two made a lasting impression on us.  Here we are, almost thirty years later, and French Bulldogs are still ruling the roost here at Bullistik.