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Our Boys

oh, those wonderful, fabulous boys!!

It is no secret that I am boy crazy; always have been and always will be.    There is something so very different and special about the males in any breed: hell, any species on Earth.

Canines specifically: they have it all: monster heads, substance for days, bone galore, expression that draws you in, and they instinctively know how to butter up and win over the opposite sex (canine or human).

Makes absolutely no difference what COLOR they are, those incredible and endearing male attributes are unmistakable and resistance is futile.

Black & Tan
atat, Eme, kyky, nS

Blue Mask, Blue Sable
ayat, dd, EmEm, kyky, nS

I love my Frenchman, in every conceivable color, and cannot conceive of life without them. My world truly revolves around French Bulldogs (since 1990) and I would not have it any other way !

I am so incredibully fortunate to have shared my life with some truly amazing stud dogs over the past 28 years, and they came in a variety of colors, but each and every one of them shared attributes that are top priority at Bullistik: conformation, health, and temperament!

Admittedly, I have produced over 50 AKC Champion French Bulldogs throughout my life with this breed and the sport of purebred dogs.  However, the majority of the pups that I have, had, and will produce will purposely be placed in companion (pet) homes, never to be bred or exhibited, but rather to live their lives as treasured members of their families til death they do part.

Blue and Tan
dd, ata, EmEm, kyky, nS

Chocolate Brindle
bb, kbrky, ayay

So, health testing is paramount at Bullistik and our stud dogs must fit strict criteria to be used in our program.  No male would ever be used at stud if they are not CLEAR or UNAFFECTED for the many diseases that can be DNA tested for and affect the French Bulldog breed.

Yes, I am very much attracted to the ‘unusual’ colors that occur in the French Bulldog breed, BUT, I began my love affair with French Bulldogs in the AKC show ring, and spent many, many years as AKC Show Chairman for both the AKC National and Regional French Bulldog Clubs, FBDCA and FBCDFW, and served as President, Vice President, and Board Member of the FBCDFW so would never consider sacrificing CONFORMATION, HEALTH, or TEMPERAMENT in my quest to have all the colors that exist in this breed (standard and non-standard).

My stud dogs are all health tested, and those results are public.  I only offer my boys at stud to AKC French Bulldog females that conform to the breed standard in STRUCTURE, and that are also health screened.